Our Design Services

Point of Sale Balloons

Point of Sale Balloons are a very powerful way of shouting about an in store promotional event or a particular advertising campaign.  Balloons can be printed with your company logo or event details and colours coordinated to match.

Floor Decorations

The Floor Decoration is very much like the Table Decoration but on longer strings so the decoration can stand on the floor which is great for brightening up walls or corners of your venue ensuring your whole space is transformed.

Balloon Columns

Weddings, proms, birthdays, christenings, grand openings…….Whatever your event, Balloon Columns are a fantastic way to transform your experience into something special and memorable.  A fantastic way to make a grand entrance!

Balloon in a Box

When you really want to make someone’s day, this is the perfect surprise.  Forget cards, send a balloon!  With your message printed on the balloon you can give a long lasting keepsake with that little extra wow factor!

Printed Balloons

Printed Balloons are perfect for shouting about your event whether it be corporate advertising or a personal, memorable event.  Text and logos can be printed on foil or latex balloons.

Table Decorations

Table Decorations are a great centre piece for creating that party atmosphere and setting your theme.  Made up of either foil, latex or even both, they will transorm your venue.

Balloon Sculptures

Balloon Sculptures are a huge amount of fun providing a very effective focal point.  Sculptures can be anything from a balloon flower to a giant pair of spectacles hanging from Specsavers ceiling.  The sky really is the limit.

Balloon Releases

A Balloon Release is a ceremonial event where a number of helium filled balloons are unleashed into the sky either from a net or individually.  You can even attach your own personal message. Whether its a beautiful send off for a loved one, or a celebration of a life event, releases leave an ever lasting memory to treasure.

Garland Arches

A Garland Arch is a balloon sculpture created using either latex or foil balloons. From a single colour to a multi coloured Arch tailored to your individual design. Balloon Arches really demand attention and ensure, whatever the event, you will be noticed and stand out from the crowd!

Balloon Bouquets

Balloon Bouquets are carefully put together to coordinate your chosen colour and theme. You can choose from foil, latex, supershapes or a mixture of all three to create your personalised bouquet.  Very beautiful and versatile for any special occasion.

Free Floaters

If you’re looking for the wow factor of balloons which always impress your guests with their magical visual effect and add a touch of elegance, then free floaters are for you.  The strings of these balloons are attached and curled to perfection at your desired length.

Balloon Grab Trees

These are fabulous decorations which double up as party favours.  Guests take home a balloon from the tree which is weighted down with a keepsake of your choice. Great at a corporate events to advertise your business with a promotional item attached.  Always beautiful, always practical, always fun!

Giant Round Balloons

These Giant Round Balloons are absolutely stunning and so effective!  Available in different colours.  You tell us your theme or ideas and we work with you to design the perfect effect.  The balloons can have lots of different materials attached, whether it be tied to the balloon like a string or even wrapped in tuille for an indulgent, elegant look.  So versatile and beautiful!

Supershape Foil Balloons

Supershapes are so special whether on their own or in a decoration.  They really bring the fun when it comes to balloons and are so spectacular to look at.  You can have themed Supershapes, letters, numbers, animals etc etc.  We also have Airwalkers that follow you around the room and seem to have a life of their own!

String of Pearl Arch

Incredibly elegant and very popular, the string of pearl arch can set the perfect backdrop for an occasion or event and certainly brighten up any venue.  Foils or latex are suitable to create this decoration.  You could even choose a double bubble string of pearls, made with a coloured latex balloon inside a larger clear one, which looks just stunning!